By Brian Bernal

The Hawaiian volcano Mount Kilauea has erupted, spewing lava hundreds of feet into the air and forcing thousands of locals to evacuate the area as hundreds of homes face the possibility of being destroyed by the lava flow. The Kilauea volcano eruption started Tuesday, May 15, 2018, 9:41 AM. The destruction of the volcano created fissures which are spilling lava alongside the volcano. The eruption is spewing toxic gases which can cause choking, headaches, and affect breathing. The lava has so far claimed more than 36 homes and structures in the town, forcing all locals to evacuate the area.

Additionally, about 50 houses and many roads are covered with molten rock. A short series of powerful earthquakes destroyed the crater floor, damaging the internal structure of the mountain. Also, there are many more eruptions of the Kilauea volcano to come. More than 250 earthquakes struck the region in less than 24 hours, compromising the strength of the crater floor.

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