By Emma Walser

On Monday, June 4th Guatemala had one of the most violent volcanic eruptions it has had in the last century. According to Guatemala’s disaster agency, many people have been declared missing and 62 were killed by Fuego on Monday.

Fuego, located 25 miles southwest of the capital Guatemala City, erupted releasing fast moving lava, destroying villages, and killing many people inside their homes. According to BBC, Sergio Cabañas, head of the country’s National Disaster Management Agency said the town of El Rodeo had been “buried”. However, many other towns and villages were affected, including Alotenango and San Miguel Los Lotes. Rescuers are still trying to reach many of the villages that have not been helped yet. The number of missing people after the eruption is still unknown, according to the Guatemala Natural Disaster Commission. Volunteer firefighters worked through layers of ash that were knee-deep, but no survivors were found. According to the New York Times, “We saw bodies totally, totally buried, like you saw in Pompeii,” said Dr. Otto Mazariegos, President of the Association of Municipal and Departmental Firefighters. Later that day, officials had to stop the rescuers due to the possibility of a second eruption. According to the Times, the deep ravines on the volcano’s slopes were already filled with lava, Dr. Mazariegos said, and there was no way to tell how a new flow might spread. Temporary shelters have been put up for the 3,000 people who have been evacuated. All the people who are left without homes and families are still trying to cope and decide what to do next.