By Emma Walser

Palestinians have lost many of their people due to the protest against the Israelis in the fight for Jerusalem. Jerusalem has been the center of the conflict between the three faiths of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam for many years.

This conflict has had the most killed since the six-week-long protest, named the great march of return. Israel has received disapproval over the violence from the UN, The United Kingdom, France, and Russia. Israel responded by defending their actions and the United States stated that they support Israel.

On Monday the violence began when the United States introduced its first embassy in Jerusalem, an action that was very controversial. Soon after the announcement protesters went to the border fence that separates Gaza and Israel, which is under the rule of Hamas, the terrorist organization, which has controlled the area since 2007. Israel responded to the protesters by shooting them, killing 58 Palestinians and injuring over a thousand. According to the BBC, Danny Danon, the Israeli messenger of the UN, said, “The events at the border were not demonstrations. They were not protests. These were violent riots.”