By Jason Hewitt

All Colin Kaepernick did was ask with a silent kneel. After Kaepernick kneeled during the National Anthem, in protest of police brutality. Negative feedback was all that was thrown at him. NFL administration was worried from a business point of view and it looks as if they did not take the point of view of either side of the situation. Police brutality is not an easy thing to take care of and there have been steps taken but none have been fully successful.

Colin Kaepernick took a risk in protesting Police brutality and paid a hefty price for it. All the negativity that was shot towards him ruined his career because nobody wants him on their national football team, simply for making a statement in 2016 about a serious issue here in the states. Kaepernick saw and took a step closer to getting people’s attention. It definitely got people’s attention, if not in the way he wanted to.

Should being kicked out of the league be the consequence of protesting something like as police brutality? Should any consequence be expected for such protest?

Now players around the nation are supporting Kaepernick in this protest and backing out of the preseason games, and have been kneeling for the past two years during the national anthem. Still, little has changed, but Trump now says that he wants to deport players if they do not stand for the National Anthem.

Kneeling is not in disrespect for the soldiers who serve neither for the government, it’s simply a protest of Police brutality against colored men and women to get the attention of people who can do something about the racism in police departments.