By Emma Walser

On Tuesday, President Trump made an announcement from the White House that the United States would break the agreement of the Joint Comprehensive Plan Of Action, which was originally agreed and set by Barack Obama on July 14, 2015.

Donald Trump leaving this deal has made the United States less safe and could lead us to nuclear war. The President called it, “The worst deal in history.” For five years, Barack Obama worked on building the deal after years of Iran not agreeing with us. Now that the plan is being broken the United States has ended the deal with not only Iran, but also with our allies: The United Kingdom, France, Germany, The European Union, Russia, and China.

Trump says he broke the agreement because he wants a better deal: one that will limit Iran’s nuclear ambitions. By ending this deal the President has shattered any deal we could make with Iran and compromised any chance at global unity. This not only shows that the United States is untrustworthy but puts us in danger from other nations.

According to the Washington Post, world leaders talked about President Trump’s announcement. Israel is the only country that stands with Trump on the choice to end the agreement. “Israel fully supports President Trump’s bold decision today, to reject the disastrous nuclear deal with the terrorist regime in Tehran”, Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, said.

Others are wondering what Trump will do to get a new deal with Iran and are concerned about the lack of reliability coming from the United States. 

Overall the President needs to be more mindful of his decisions since he is responsible for the entire United States. I feel the President needs to be more aware of this and understand that his actions have consequences.