By Emma Walser

13 Reasons Why Season 2 was released Friday, May 18, on Netflix. The show originally started out with season one being released on March 31, 2017. The backlash on the TV show was full of mixed reviews. One side found that the show was not appropriate for viewers, the other side saying the story needed to be told, but then, of course, there were many other mixed views. The story starts out with Hannah Baker, a new student at Liberty High School taking her own life. The story is mainly about tapes that Hannah makes before her death mentioning specific people who were “responsible” for her decision of taking her own life. As the season continues you find out that Hannah was sexually assaulted by a teenage boy who attended the High School she went to. Writer Nic Sheff said, “I saw the opportunity to explore issues of cyberbullying, sexual assault, depression, and what it means to live in a country where women are devalued.”

The show doesn’t shy from suicide because the writers, creators, and actors wanted to reach an audience and educate them on the topic. The show has begun a conversation about difficult subjects and the relevant topics that need to be talked about. The controversy started with the sexual assault and suicide scene that many viewers considered disturbing, inappropriate, and unnecessary. The scenes were meant to be in as much detail as possible to be able to portray how Hannah felt with what she was going through and how much an issue this is in our current society. In season two the show focuses on even more sexual assault, depression, and even gun violence. This show attempts to show the real-life problems many teenagers and adults are facing, and how difficult it can be to cope with these situations without support.

Overall this season has helped start a conversation on difficult topics and help people in real life find resources to overcome hard times. This show isn’t for all viewers but if you feel you can handle it I think there are many important messages to see and understand.