By Kaya Deters

PeaceHealth Rides has launched a bike share program in Eugene, aiming to help expand the city’s methods of transportation. As of now, there are over 30 self-serving bike kiosks in Eugene which are designed to allow customers to pick up and drop off the bikes at any facility around town. The bicycles have built-in safety features, such as a solar-powered GPS tracking system and a built-in U-lock, as well as 8 different speeds.

As far as cost goes, it cost $1 for 15 minutes of bicycling, and 10 cents for every minute exceeding the initial 15. They also offer a $15 monthly plan, which offers 60 minutes of cycling per day. Since the bike share systems have become so popular in Seattle and in Portland, JUMP Bikes has decided to team up with PeaceHealth to help introduce the program to Eugene. In the last three years, PeaceHealth has received $900,000 in grants from ASUO, as well as with the City of Eugene.

Eugene is a very bike-friendly city. The bike share program is going to help the community of Eugene reduce their carbon footprint as well as traffic congestion. Eugene is a great candidate for the bike share program because it will strengthen the economy and promote healthier transportation alternative.

Members are required to sign up online with a credit card attached for ease of payment, but also in order to hold accountability for bike theft. PeaceHealth has also released a mobile app, designed to help locate nearby stations, purchase time, as well as numerous other features.

Nicole Wilson, a regular cyclist, stated, “The bikes are everywhere now. College students must use them a lot and it’s healthier.” Many are in support of the new bike share because it’s convenient and inexpensive. According to PeaceHealth, there have been over 20,000 rides since the program first launched in April. This bike share system was made for Eugene, but it is expected that kiosks will start appearing around the entire Eugene Springfield area.