By Jason Mendoza

Recently there has been a discussion over President Donald Trump stating that he is planning to strike Syria with missiles, and apparently warning Russia. This occurred on Wednesday morning on April 11, 2018. Trump used Twitter to state that the missiles aimed at Syria, “…will be coming, nice and new and ‘smart!’” also telling the Kremlin that it should not partner with a “Gas Killing Animal who kills his people and enjoys it!” As a result of this, Trump also tweeted afterward that relations between the United States and Russia are worse than ever. The Russian ambassador of Lebanon, Alexander Zasypkin, warned the US and its allies that any missiles fired at Syria would be shot down. President Trump then proceeded to launch missiles at three Syrian targets on Friday night April 13. Trump then tweeted the day after that there was, “A perfectly executed strike last night.” A couple students and staff members had a thing or two to say about the attack.

Regarding President Trump’s decision, North senior Isaac Richey commented: “Trump bombing Syria was an unintelligent and an ignorant response to something that he either willingly knows is false or is blissfully ignorant of. There is a lot more to the Syria situation than what is being let out to the public, and I could only wonder why exactly that is.”

A resident of Springfield, James Halstead, who fought in Operation Iraqi Freedom from 2004 to 2005, also commented: “I think he did what was necessary. All of Arabia respects strength, and drawing ‘red lines’ one after the other is seen as a weakness and the Arabic leaders will ignore or defy any ruler that does not follow through with their promises. Assad was told that if he used chemical weapons against civilians again, we would bomb military targets. He ignored our warnings so we bombed him. If we did not do so then Assad would keep killing his own people with chemical and biological weapons. Now he knows that if he does it again he will lose even more military resources so he will not be so willing to kill his own people.” 

A third individual by the name of Glen Eric Saari also commented on the issue. He started off by saying “The danger is of course when we attack Syria, is that it is really hard to think we are not going to kill innocent people. That’s not helping anything. It is only going to make that country turn against us. Although I do think something should be done because of Syria bombing its own people, I still don’t think harming innocent people should be included.” In addition, he talked about Russia not responding, “You think they would have done something. It’s apparent they haven’t because if they had done something then you would have heard about it by now.”

One can only guess if Russia will decide to retaliate in the near or far future. They might not even react at all. This decision by Trump has been compared to more recent attacks like Israel attacking Palestine. This had led to some people saying that Trump’s decision has caused a rather unfortunate trend. The American people at the moment can only wait to see what unfolds as a result of this bold move by the President.