By Griffin Fields

The warm light flooding your eyes and filling your pores; the green leaves dropping viscous puddles of shade at their feet; the wide sun repelling the clouds and wreathing the horizon; and the sweat which drenches your skin and sheets as you awake after noon.

The flowers and showers of spring herald the next season: Summer is on its way, and with it the ending of the school year. Here are some tips for making the most of the season of freedom:

  • Skipping school may not normally be advisable, but during summer it’s always the weekend. Regardless of whether you’re at work, at home, or elsewhere, appreciate the postponement of those 5 periods of drudgery that make your mind feel as humid as a rainy day in hell (minus the chance of rainbows).
  • Abolishing your schedule is essential to feeling the liberty of the lull. Don’t make plans you don’t want to, cancel the ones you have, and then get up and go where you want to. If something is so important, it oughta come to you – meet you on your own turf. Sleep in, and then stay up. You’ll sleep when you’re dead, or when you next happen to sit down on that soft, seductive sofa.
  • Spending time with friends, or, if you prefer, hanging with the gang, should keep your days filled with excitement. Having some downtime can be cozy, but too much typically results in a case of the break-time blues.
  • Preparing activities is a great way to get hyped for summer and keep your time laden with entertainment. Your goon squad won’t always be available to keep you at it, so plan some things to do alone. Set aside some movies, shows, video games, books, albums, or whatever else to marathon when you need a media meal.
  • Traveling to a distant land is out of reach for many of us, but at least leaving the neighborhood doesn’t have to be. Getting out to places you’ve never been rarely feels like a wasted effort, and returning to a favorite spot tends to clear the mind like nothing else. Be willing to sit and down and just look.
  • Being responsible admittedly isn’t the goal of summer. However, it will help you reach that goal. Humans are fallible, and perhaps one of those fallibilities is that we can’t always just let go of our anxieties. If you have something that needs doing, try to get it done quickly so you can get back to that carefree jubilee.
  • Appreciating every moment is easy to forget, but easy to do. Reflecting on the experiences and emotions of the days and months off school will make them more meaningful. Don’t let all the excitement stop you from remembering it when that’s half the point: Take the bad times with the good, keeping both close.