By LeeEssa Grove

Tom Wolfe was Born on March 2, 1931, in Richmond, VA. He is the son of Louise (Nee Agnew) Wolfe and grew up on Gloucester Road in the Historic Richmond North Side neighborhood of Sherwood Park.  Wolfe was a student council president, editor of the School’s newspaper, and also a star baseball player at St. Christopher’s School. After graduation in 1947, he turned down admission to Princeton University to attend Washington and Lee University.  He was the sports editor of the college newspaper also helped found a literary magazine “Shenandoah”. He was most known for influence in stimulating the New Journalistic literary Movement.

During this time he had written a journal about “The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test.”  He was interested in learning about hippies and their experiences. He went on a bus with hippies and they did some kind of hardcore drugs and partied away. While they were partying their brains away, Tom Wolfe was writing in his journal and created an article from this event.