By Kyle Stogsdill 

What does it take to be a student-athlete? That is the one question many students around the U.S. have to figure out for themselves. Nowadays you don’t only have to be good at the sport you play, but you have to be excel in school also.

Anthony Hunter is a dedicated student-athlete at North Eugene High School. He has to work hard in school and dedicate his time to basketball. When Anthony isn’t playing for North Eugene High School’s team he’s playing club basketball. So far, he’s won 5 club basketball championships. Anthony plans to stay and finish out his high school career at North Eugene.

Anthony plans to play basketball in college, and hopefully compete in the NBA after college, “I plan to make it in the NBA to take care of my mom and family, so they have no worries.” If Anthony could pick any college he could go to and play basketball he said it would be, “Arizona State.” Anthony has Dublin City University looking to scout him in 2021. Anthony has had a 10 year long basketball career and wants it to go much further. Anthony said, “ If I could go to any NBA team I would pick Golden State Warriors.”

Anthony has put a lot of work into basketball, and he has practiced almost 5 times a week every year for 10 years. Many student athletes fall behind in school and Anthony said, “I plan to stay ahead of my school work because I plan to go far.” Anthony’s favorite NBA player of all time is Michael Jordan. Anthony has played other sports but his favorite sport is basketball and he has a chance to make a career out of it. He takes basketball very seriously and doesn’t want to lose his chance of being successful in basketball and his dream to be in the NBA.