By Bryson Ivey

Jess Ariola is a tennis player for North Eugene High School. Jess has been playing for 3 years now, and she began competing in tennis during her sophomore year. Jess enjoys competing in tennis at North and says that “the coaches are really nice and fun to work with.” Edmund Rivera is the tennis coach at North. There is one big team when you play tennis and then it breaks down to individual groups like doubles, so she has a teammate. If you play singles you’re on a team and all your matches are individual. There are other teams that they compete against like when North played against Thurston on April 24, 2018.

The way the scoring works in tennis is that there are 3 sets and its best two out of three for every set. The tennis players start out at zero to zero and to win a set you have to win six games. The games start at “love” which is zero in the world of tennis and go up to 40, which is just four points. The first person to score then goes from zero to 15 points, to 30, 40, and finally game point, which wins the game. Jess says she isn’t super serious about tennis, she plays it to have fun and enjoy time with her teammates. When playing other teams they match up with someone and then they move onto another opponent. The matches get harder and harder but if you lose a game then you’re out. Jess says the most she’s won in a row is two games.

Jess has competed for North Eugene’s Cross Country team which she started her junior year and has continued as a senior. Cross country is running and for practices, they would jog all along the bike path and then come back to North. For competing though they will travel across Oregon and just Run in “random places” such as Cottage Grove or Dexter, Oregon.