By Antony Morales-Mata

Anderson Cooper was born on June 3, 1967, he is an American journalist, television personality, and an author. Cooper first worked for Channel One as a fact checker, went on to work as a correspondent for ABC, and then became an overnight co-anchor for World News Now program. As of right now, Cooper is working for CNN as a primary anchor for Anderson Cooper 360°. Cooper is primarily known as a daytime reporter as well as a disaster reporter. During his career, Cooper covered stories like the Cedar Revolution in Beirut, Lebanon, the Tsunami damage in Sri Lanka and even the Niger famine from Maradi.

Cooper is paid to report in the daytime report and in his show the Anderson Cooper 360°. Arguably the most important articles he did were on the death of Pope John Paul II and the Tsunami damage in Sri Lanka.

In 2016-17 Cooper made a controversial statement about Donald Trump saying to Jeffrey Lord that, “If [Trump] took a dump on his desk, you would defend it,” on live television. While recently calling Trump a, “crazy person on a park bench” during his Anderson Cooper 360° and also compared the president to the disgraced Richard Nixon.

Cooper is an intelligent journalist and popular television personality who will be important to journalist history and much more.