By Brian Bernal

A writer and a correspondent for the Scripps-Howard newspaper chain, Ernie Pyle won a Pulitzer Prize as an American journalist. He earned wide acclaim for his account of ordinary people in rural America.

Ernie Pyle wrote about all of his knowledge of airplanes from the military, and much more. Based in Washington, D.C., Pyle regularly visited nearby Hoover and Bolling Fields, the Washington Naval Air Station, and a handful of smaller airfields.

He then joined the staff of the Indiana Daily Student, reporting on fraternities, local news, and sports, even following the university’s 12-man baseball team to a demonstration game in Japan.

One notable article of his is “A Dreadful Masterpiece” made in London December 30, 1940. He is talking about how dead is nothing when he was in the war. Death meant for them was that people risked their lives for our country. The second article I read is Killing Is All That Matters made on December 1, 1942. In this article Pyle is talking about killing is all that matters in the war and really kind of the same as the other article saying that all that matter is killing in the war for our country. Ernie Pyle had a good life he won a Pulitzer prize and made a lot of good articles in his lifetime and made a lot of good books and maybe he could have made a lot of good stories and book but unfortunately he got killed while combat in the war.