By Kyle Stogsdill

Have you ever met Tyler Tjernlund? Tyler is well known at North Eugene High School as the woods and metals teacher. Tyler joined the North Eugene teaching staff in 2016, and I asked Tyler what was the reason he wanted to be a shop teacher. “I wanted to become a shop teacher because I didn’t have one in high school. I also figured out that I was good at working with my hands when I got out of high school and wished I had the opportunity to discover it sooner. I wanted others to have that opportunity as well.”

Tyler has a lot of cool machines and tools in the shop. There are a couple machines that other schools don’t have, like our CNC Routers, and in metals our CNC Plasma Cutter. CNC Routers cut designs from the computer and carve it in wood. The CNC Plasma cutter does the same thing but on metal. Tyler also has a love for motorcycles, Harley especially. When I asked what kind of bike Tyler owned, he replied: “I have a 2005 Electro Glide Harley Davidson, and [my] favorite Harley Davidson would be a 60’s or 70’s Shovelhead.“ One last thing you might not know about Tyler: he plays the drums in his own band and performs locally.