By Emma Walser

Katie Couric was born in Virginia in 1957. She started her journalism career being an assistant at ABC. Since then she worked her way up to the top being the first woman to anchor CBS Evening News alone. She is most commonly known for her job at Yahoo, for global news and becoming the highest paid TV personality on television. She joined Yahoo news in 2012 and then left in 2017.

Katie Couric is a journalist and news anchor who has most recently worked at Yahoo. Two of her articles are, “Kim Kardashian: We Can’t Keep Up,” and “Michelle Obama: Your First Lady.” These two articles show her modern feel to the news and articles that she writes. She catches the reader’s eye by writing stories with well-known people making her stories more appealing to younger viewers. Couric writes for many different companies but her recent yearly salary is set at $15 Million a year.

In 2017 Couric stated she was leaving Yahoo news because it was too stressful and she felt like the job wasn’t fulfilling for her. Many people thought it was a big scandal that happened to make her leave but she stated it was just because she wanted to expand her career. To this day she is not retired and continually works with many different news stations and television shows.

Katie Couric is still writing and acting. She gives her viewers news they want to hear and read. She uses modern news and people to reach a younger demographic of viewers. From starting at the bottom as an assistant, Couric went to becoming the first woman to anchor CBS Evening News by herself, making the most money out of any news anchor in the world at that time.