By Savannah Jenner

Edmund Rivera, quarterback of U of O back in the 1980’s, is now a teacher at North Eugene High School. Rivera started playing football at the age of 8 at a Boys’ Club, then played all throughout middle school, and in high school back at home in Palm Springs. He then moved to Eugene, Oregon after high school to study health and majored in Community Health. After that, he became a health teacher and a football coach for multiple schools in Oregon.

Rivera has a family of his own. He has three girls and a son that are all grown up and raised really well by Rivera. They all have started their lives, with good jobs, and two of his daughters have kids. His son, Edmund, is an architect in San Jose for Steinberg Architects, his daughter Lucy is an Art Teacher at Leadership Public Schools in Hayward, California. Agnes, his second daughter, runs her own business in Lima Peru as an English translator for businesses. His fourth child, Margaret, is a student at LCC in the Dental Hygienists Program. All four of his kids are very successful and have their lives started.

Rivera loves to stay active. He goes on runs and rides his bike a lot, even participating in marathons. He said the longest marathon he has ever run was a frozen trail. It was 32 miles at Mt Pisgah. He has also done another type of marathon, called a triathlon. It was a mile and a half swim, 50-mile bike ride, and 13.1-mile run. On his free time, he loves to go fly fishing, camping, snowboarding, gardening, and loves to cook! He is also on a softball team called McKenzie Construction.

Today Rivera is now working at North Eugene High School, teaching health classes and physical education. He is also a coach for girls tennis. Although his first time isn’t teaching at North Eugene HS, it has been one of his most memorable teaching experiences and still is. His very first time teaching was at Harrisburg back in the late 1980s for 13 years, as head football coach and assistant track coach. After Rivera taught at Harrisburg, he taught at Marist when his son was a student there. He was health teacher and head football coach. He was there for 3 years. Now he is at North Eugene and has been here since 2000. Now he’s certified as a CTE (career technical education).

Of Rivera’s most memorable moments, fun moments, and scary moments living here in Eugene, Oregon he said: “My most memorable experience was coming into play against Michigan State in Autzen Stadium, as an 18-year-old freshman, and I fumbled my very first collegiate snap under center.” Rivera said. But his most fun moments being here in Oregon was asked to be a bouncer for The Clash back in college. He said, “It was a night to remember.”

And about the scariest memory, Rivera said, “I was walking with my buddy, coming from class, walking down the path over the Autzen Footbridge. There was a sniper up on the south grandstands shooting at people down on the jogging path. While this is happening I was asked to go to the weight room by the police, away from the shooter for safety. By this time the shooting was already over, but everyone was still running around scared of the incident. My buddy and I decided to walk around the tape to the top and saw the sniper shot himself and you could see the snipers skull and scalp and saw his bone fragments all over the ceiling, and it was stringy everywhere, dripping. My buddy and I never saw anything like that before… It wasn’t until later [that I heard] a former friend that was a wrestler, Rick O’Shea, was running to the wrestling room for safety and the shooter saw the team running to the weight room for safety, started shooting at them, O’Shea jumps into the weight room and right as he jumps, the shooter’s bullet ricocheted off the weights room door and hit O’Shea in the butt.” Rivera said he was happy and relieved that Rick O’Shea was okay at the end and didn’t get killed.