By Gabriel McDaniel 

Tea, couches, and great people merging into one place.

On 41st West Broadway, in downtown Eugene, Oregon sits one little tea shop with a big personality. This little tea shop has become a local favorite to many in the Eugene area, and with it being located in the middle of downtown Eugene, there’s no shortage of cultures mixing and developing in one small spot. With such diverse people and an even more diverse tea selection, Townshend’s Eugene Tea Company is a place that is rapidly expanding. Even so, a look at this Eugene favorite is sure to make some wonder, “how did this unique business come to Eugene?”

Once you walk into Townshend’s there’s an immediate sense of a welcome environment. Local art hangs on the walls and a warm space is created. There are couches in the middle for communal sitting and tables dotting the shop by the windows and in the back. There are even some small hidden gears in the works that you can find for yourself such as the “Dear Soulmate” drawer where people can write letters to strangers, and put them into the drawer for anyone to read. This drawer is one of many hidden little things you can find in Townshend’s, but that is left for patrons to find. Patrons themselves are often encouraged to speak to each other. “This place is like a community hub where people may relax and get to know each other,” says Serina, one of the many patrons of Townshend’s. One of the employees at Townshend’s named Arden Guinn also said, “customers are often patient. Tea takes time, and usually, people are looking for specifics.” The people of Townshend’s have a sense of relaxed patience to them and are often just looking to take their time, which makes the shop much more approachable.

Tea is the main game at Townshend’s, and as so the expectation of a diverse list of teas is high. Another patron by the name of Megan said, “I really like the tea diversity,” and as Serina adds, “also the couches.” The teas that are available are experimented with and changed every month with specials. From loose leaf tea to mates Townshend’s isn’t lacking in any form of diversity when it comes to tea, and when asked about how the recipes for all of these teas are made, Arden Guinn said, “we come up with new specials every month, but sometimes we experiment with new brews.”

Townshend’s itself is an Oregon born business, and its connection to the people of the state has made people felt welcome in its aromatic doors. From the atmosphere to the tea, to the friendly employees that love to help, Townshend’s seems to be the growing teahouse of Oregon that will sit in Downtown Eugene’s heart.