I went and talked to the North Eugene high school Resources Officer about his job. If you were not a police officer what would you do? “I would work on a Catamaran boat , in Maui. The only reason I would do that is because I love the beach and the sun, Hawaii working in paradise is not work.” Who would not want to work in Hawaii.

Why did you become a police officer? “I wanted to work with people and help people and this is a fun and exciting job.”

Where did you grow up? “I actually grew up in Eugene Oregon.” Did you always work as a Resources Officer? “No I worked as a patrolman for 12 years. But I did fill in at Sheldon,North, South, and Churchill before.” Our Resources Officer before Nick was with the force for 23 years.

Where did you work before becoming an officer? “I worked at Verizon and before that I was in the Air force.” Why did you become a officer? “I wanted to work with adults, kids, and youth, some sort of social job.” One of the good thing about having a job in law enforcement is that it is very social and you get to work all sorts of different people. Do you have a relative who works in the Eugene Police Department? “No not in the Eugene Police Department but I have a cousin who just became a Hood River police officer.”