By Matthew Merritt

Many people may have noticed the new art teacher at North Eugene.“I grew up all over the place.” My father was in the military we lived on the West Coast,East Coast, Midwest , France. When he retired from the military we moved back to Eugene. I was in middle school at the time I went to John F Kennedy Jr. High.”

Anne Dorsey added that she did not go to school for art right off the bat she started with graphic design and advertising. ’’It did not feel meaningful to me as I was thinking it was going to be. So I thought that Art education would fit me better. I want to U of O for most of my schooling and why I went there is they had a good art program there and my dad worked there.”

“I worked at Roseburg high school 1 year prior to the job at job corp for 7 years prior to that I worked at South Eugene.”What would you change if anything in the Art department here at north, she said” put more places to display the students art work.”  “I also like to split the classes into levels.” Anne Dorsey told me “Art is unimportant to how in the high school curriculum because student are able to express their emotions as well as develop a sense inquiry,experimentation and ideas.”I think that maybe a student in the art class may not know they have a talent but it can come out through their art work.