By Matthew Merritt

Ann M. Lukasik is the the most wonderful super sub, originally from North Dakota. She was inspired to become a sub because she was a full time teacher in Arizona. When she moved to Eugene, the only position that was open in the 4j school district was a sub position. “When I started, I knew that it wasn’t a full time position so I became a private tutor.”

Before I started to teach, I was an instructional  assistant  for five years while I got my bachelor’s degree in teaching in 2005. “My masters came along in 2007 from 2005 I was teaching 3rd, 4th, and 6th grade in English as a Second Language. I have been working in the 4j school district since 2007. I went to college at Arizona state polytechnic in the education field.”

“The most funniest unit I ever got to teach was when we got to observe the behaviors of crayfish separated and together . When I had them in my room, you could touch them and they could walk around my co-teacher did not like them she would not be in the same room as them”.

We also got to dissect cow hearts, lungs, esophagus.She is a master recycler she also matches an abundance of supply with the need. Desere Doan says “Annie is prepared, dependable, compiles data and is a great team player and also communicates well.

 She also gave me her resume to show her work experience.