By Matthew Merritt

Anderson Cooper was born in new york on June 3 1967. He worked for CNN and he owns his own show called Anderson Cooper 360. He became a correspondent for ABC News in 1995, moving to anchor positions on CNN a few years later and hosting his own news program, Anderson Cooper 360°, beginning in 2003. Anderson Cooper covers overviews on T.V. shows, and on top news stories.

He does T.V. articles and he made his own T.V. show. In 1955 he became the correspondent on ABC. Eventually rising to the position of co-anchor on the overnight World News Now program in 1999. He worked with another guy in the morning on the weekday and worked for ABC on the weekend mornings.

I talked to my grandma, she said “Anderson cooper is good looking. He is a good reporter he also has good interviews.I also talked to Annie Lukasik, and she told me the same thing that my grandmother told me.