By Jessica Dukes

Healthcare, is it something to stress and worry about? For a lot of the people that I interviewed, mainly spoke about how important healthcare is and how it’s a really important part of the world. People tend have different opinions for things in different ways, crazy right? “Would taking away healthcare strengthen the public?

For my old math teacher Ms. Sorenson , She thinks phot everyone should get healthcare, no matter if they have to pay, or can’t pay.everyone should have the right to having health care provided to them.and I sad, shape a lot worse than now, would leave.she believes that we should all be provided with the best health care.overall the system has a lot of flaws, it has a lot that needs to be fixed.

Asked for a student NEHS, named Jorge named Jorge believes in the healthcare is something that is needed. He says “healthcare shouldn’t be a privilege, it should be something that we just have.” Jorge also believes if we didn’t have healthcare that the world would be a “Living hell.” Overall Jorge Overall Jorge believes healthcare has become a good thing, because people that are poor and can’t afford something, like medicine they are still being able to get the things that they need.

Overall with interviewing a few people and thinking about my own opinion…I agree with both Jorge and Ms. Sorenson healthcare is something that is a good thing. Healthcare shouldn’t be  something you only get if you are rich, or as the president, it should be something that is provided to those who need it. In an overall sense I believe that we should still keep GOP open to whomever needs it, it was in better use that way. Also with those who need it can get it, aren’t using all their money on something that shouldn’t be a privilege.