By Jessica Dukes / Edited By Jacob Fitch

Should individuals have the right to have whatever gender they identify with present on their driver’s license?

Large Amounts of people say that others are born as their birth gender, and biologically is to stay that gender, what about their beliefs and how they believe they are the way they are. Transgender individuals attempt to respect your beliefs that you possess, so why not respect them or their beliefs. There is a point where you need to stop and think about what you’re saying or doing, because in the end sometimes they might just be harassed and/or bullied for it, if they weren’t already.

You are not being forced to be friends with them or even communicate to these individuals. They just request you respect them as they do for you. Sometimes, it’s the complete opposite and you’re the one getting bullied. Other times it just depends on the circumstances and what is occurring. People don’t get to choose what gender they are.

They’re their own person and have just as much right as you do, to do, say, and choose who, or what they want to be. Who are you to tell them they can’t be what they wish. The constitution says that everyone is created equal, with the same amount of individual rights. It’s actually pretty sad to think.

 My parents raised me to believe I could be whomever I wanted to be. The older I get the more I learn that isn’t the case. If you’re aren’t “perfect” a lot of people will judge you, and won’t accept you for who you truly are.

The point to this rant is that people don’t get to choose their gender genetically, but now they physically can and should contain the right to put the gender they prefer to be on their license. It’s their choice, who are we as people to take that away. They believe in something, they should have the respect they deserve and have it stay way.