By Jessica Dukes

People have many different sorts of views towards the confederate rebel flag. To some individuals it promotes slavery. Other’s see the flag as representing everything the south stood for, something their ancestors the people who served in the civil war, fought and died for. There are so many different memories people today want to cherish for the sake of their fallen family. I believe everything has at least two sides to them, it is all determined by what you believe or what your views about things are. I can see why some people would think of the flag as a hate speech symbol, but I can also see it as expressing, and supporting the soldiers that served.

For the people who believe that the confederate flag represents those who fought for their believes. Who put their lives on the line protecting what they believe. The Civil War was a extremely gruesome war, roughly 620,000 American soldiers died, making it the biggest war in the United States’s entire history. The confederate flag is flown as a way to support those who fought.

Many websites I have researched suggest that the confederate flag symbolizes hate speech. But there are still people, and websites that say that the flag should be seen as a piece of history. These rumors of the flag only being a hate speech symbol isn’t accurate. I can say for sure that the confederate flag is not a symbol of hate speech and doesn’t represent racism in the slightest.