By Jonathan Kemple

Most claim that the Confederate battle flag stands for racism, slavery, and white supremacy. A lot of people view it as apart of their culture and pride. It is obvious that some racists have desecrated the Confederate battle flag for their own narrow-minded causes, but those hateful people also commonly display the Christian cross and the American flag. Do those symbols also encourage racism? The understanding of the Confederate flag depends on the context.

Again perceptions of the flag depends on the context. In a historical reenactment of the civil war, or in a national battleground, or even a cemetery the Confederate flag is used in a historical context. The flag is also used in a theatrical context in the television series “The Dukes Of Hazard” the Confederate flag on top of Dukes car wasn’t a symbol of hatred towards the black community, they used the flag to show their southern pride.

The flag has nothing to do with racism or white supremacy, it’s part of people’s culture and nobody should have the right to take it away and claim it’s hate speech. To those 70 million people whose ancestors fought for the South, it is a symbol of family members who fought for what they thought was right in their time, and whose valor became legendary in military history. This is not nostalgia. It is their legacy. The current attacks on that legacy, 153 years after the event, are to them an insult that mends no fences nor builds any bridges.