By Merrill Williams

A driver’s license is fairly easy to acquire. You get your permit fairly easily at the age of 15 with just a written test with answers out of a booklet and then you’re on the road with some limitations. After that you show an instructor that you can drive a small car for five minutes and you’re off driving something weighing up to 26,000 lbs. When you’re 18 you don’t even have to take a written test, you just walk into the DMV, take a driver test and you’re good to go. No restrictions apply either. Why is it that you can drive giant automobiles capable of driving through buildings with no safety classes or special tests, but to ride a bike weighing a couple hundred pounds you have to jump through so many hurdles?

As soon as you get your license or even just you permit you can drive very large RV’s and trailers that are up to 40 feet long and quite hard to maneuver. How many people’s lives are being put at risk by me riding my small, one person, motorized bicycle. Why don’t we teach people how to not kill bikers instead of teaching bikers how not to get hit by under skilled drivers. How crazy would it be to require a driver’s ed class for a regular license?

I think if you have a valid driver’s license and you’re over 18, you should be able to ride a motorcycle. You already know the laws of the road much better than any 16 year old who is freshly licensed. As an American adult, if you can afford to buy a motorcycle and can ride it; why should anyone be able to tell you that you’re not allowed to?