By Cecelia Yvanez

Oregon is known for the bipolar weather and very rainy no sun days. This has caused a big issue on the residence of Oregon. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) has affected many people. In Vancouver Washington, and Portland Oregon the SAD rate is the highest.

Susan Lash, a senior resident of Eugene, when asked if she consumes any vitamins, answered “No, I never have either. I mainly get my vitamins from the juice and food I consume daily.”

Lupita Bautista, a senior at North Eugene High School when asked if she gets sleepy and more moody says in the winter time, “I just want to sleep all the time because it’s dark out and I get grumpy so I don’t really want to socialize. ”Although Bautista enjoys winter for the holidays, she would much rather spend her time in the sun with her friends doing fun activities such as hiking, swimming, and hanging out downtown. “I just feel happier and more positive about life when the weather is nice.”

Katie Neimeyer, North Eugene’s assistant girls soccer coach, and one year P.E. teacher when asked if she knows anyone that consumes a vitamin D pill year round explained how her father has to consume a vitamin D pill because he is older and gives him more energy.

Tanner West-Woods, a student athlete at North Eugene High School when asked if he knew anyone that is or has suffered from seasonal depression says “yeah, one of my good friends has to take medicine every day to help her with it.” T.West-Woods says he tries to help her as much as he can and is always trying to be there when she needs it.

Isaiah Sefo, a sophomore at North Eugene High School when asked if people in Eugene are happier in the summer rather than the winter says It’s different for every person, but would assume that people would like the summer more because there is no school and you can go out and do more things.