By Juan Guerrero

Famous news journalist and political commentator Bill O’Reilly started his career reporting for local news stations in the mid 1970’s.  Although he is mainly known for when his career skyrocketed when hired as a television host for fox news in 1996 only until he was dismissed in 2017. His dismissal was due to constant sexual harassment cases that were being charged against him by multiple women that have worked in the same business as him.

His perspective on politics was his money maker due to the amount of people that could relate to his frustration when he expresses his opinions. A majority of his commentating was expressed in Fox News. This doesn’t mean that he only shares his opinion as a host on television news, he’s also written many articles in his time. One article he titled as “The big con” and the other as “Rockin’ in the free world”. Both articles in which discuss an impact in our society or economy.  What was most interesting about these articles was the tone that O’Reilly was using in his writing. An example like “I mean, what do Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez really stand for? Narcissism? Just asking.” This tone would probably be described as passive aggressive 8th grade writing that could often include some radical opinions which could be quite entertaining for his audience.

The style of Bill O’Reilly’s work has remained the same all throughout his career until many lawsuits and complaints were being charged against him. Fox news tried their best to keep this Journalist/Commentator in their business because of his explosive personality is what keeps the ratings going up. Fox news have wasted approximately over $83.6 million for Bill O’Reilly’s 13 years of sexual harassments. Many television companies withdrew their advertisements. Fox news could no longer keep up with the loss of money so they decided to fire him while he was on his 2 week vacation in mid April. Bill O’Reilly’s immoral actions caused a great impact on his character and the trust that most of his audience had on his content.

Bill O’Reilly as a person isn’t really much of importance other than a good example of inspiration for women across the United States that they do have a voice and do not deserve to be silenced.