By Allie Cobb

What is the International Baccalaureate Childhood Development diploma? It’s a Program at North Eugene High School that is for students that want to study or are interested in working with or around kids. “A Study for students interested in working with kids in some capacity as a Teacher, Coach, or Daycare provider”  Mrs Walter explained. This program along with Mr Sherman’s Digital arts program were recently put in place at North Eugene. Because of how new the program is is not widely known about.

What are students required to graduate with an IB certificate? To graduate with a IB child development certificate you will need:

  • A total of 3 credits in child development
  • A program completion exam (This isn’t graded)

“Students class options include Child Development One, Two, and Three, Infant development, and child development aide” Mrs Walters added

What are skills students learn during the program? Students learn many skills such as time management and how to discipline children. “They learn how to interact with children along with planning and implementing age appropriate activities” Mrs. Walters explains. Students learn how to manager a workspace as well.

How does a student start the program?Just like with the digital arts program you will need to contact your counselor and they will help you to forecast the classes you will be required to take in each grade. Students often have to finish child development one first.