By Jacob Fitch

WARNING: Linked videos feature explicit language

Amy Schumer is a feminist icon and a comedian, but with her recent comedy special coming out she’s starting to show her true colors. Amy Schumer really enjoys dirty jokes, but not the ones you and me may enjoy, she loves DIRTY jokes, like jokes about her genitals, and their smell, and the appearance of their clothing after coming into contact with said bits.


In the comedy scene, not a lot of people appreciate stolen jokes quite the way Amy does, she also enjoys ridiculing the dead friend of Steve-O and being a huge hypocrite. On top of the Ryan Dunn comment, she even refused to apologize to Steve-O for the incredibly poor tasting joke, Amy said “I did not apologize for telling that joke…But I absolutely from the bottom of my heart, continue to not give a s***.” truly disgusting. She can’t say sorry to Steve-O but she can say sorry when it comes to her career. After being called out for her racially insensitive jokes from her old comedy stand up shows, she proceeds to give a half-hearted apology for the jokes that she made. When Glamour used Amy in their plus-size only models edition Amy got rather upset, proceeding to rant on twitter about her distaste for the magazine but only a year earlier at the Glamour Women of the Year Event, Amy proudly announced “I’m probably like one hundred and sixty pounds right now, and I can catch a d*** anytime I want.”


In early November 2015, Amy came under ridicule for ripping off an audience that went to see her to stand-up in Maine, when she decided to only perform for 47 minutes instead of an hour due to a “Scheduling Mishap” after the stage manager told her she was only supposed to be on stage for 45 minutes, though some attendees claimed she performed even less than 35 minutes and it seemed like she phoned it in. When Amy was asked about it in an interview, she blamed it on her being a rookie working in arenas. Ms. Classy Schumer of course enjoys harassing male celebrities like Bradley Cooper by screaming his name when he’s on the red carpet, but trust me if the roles were reversed and it was a male doing that to a female it wouldn’t be cute or funny, it would be creepy. Amy, surprise surprise, blamed the accusations of her stealing jokes on the comedians accusing her being jealous, and also blames the alt-right for incredibly low 1 star rating on her new Netflix stand up Leather Special, Keep it classy Amy. Schumer’s new special is anything but funny, it’s disgusting, boring, and overly political for no better reason than Amy being a plus size. She completely blames the financial loss for Netflix for her special on Alt-right trolls. Yes Amy, because nobody could possibly find your comedy bland and bad. Amy also accuses the Alt-right for any criticism that she receives for her book, her films, and every single one of her specials, as well as just blaming men in general.


Amy Schumer is almost without a doubt the most unfunny comedian I have ever had the displeasure of experiencing, please avoid her special at all costs…