By Matthew Merritt


At North Eugene high school on Feb.15 2017 at approximately 8:00 pm the track and field shed was set on fire. What was lost includes uniforms and everything else it takes to run track. Coach Corey Nicholsen said that everything was lost. He told me that the total cost for everything is over $70,000.00, that is not including the shed which the school is going to redesign and rebuild this summer. Administrator Scott Mayers said there is no way to prevent arson but we will make the shed metal this time just to be safe.


Resource Office Nick Reich told me that the two juveniles were arrested on charges of 2nd degree arson. The sentence will depend on their criminal history, but could range from probation to juvenile detention. The judge, the insurance company, or the school can sue them for the damages. Resource Office Nick Reich also said that if I could say anything to the kid it would be” think before you act.”


Office Nick Reich told me to tell kids not to play with fire because you can get burnt. Office Nick Reich also told me Detective Steve Williams from the Eugene Police Department was assigned to to the case so him and I met to compare notes.
Detective Steve Williams told me that the two kids that set the shed on fire did it with a cocktail which is a gas treatment it is very flammable.They did not buy the gas treatment, they shoplifted it from the store.The police tested two  different gas treatments on a piece of one of the mats and it just went up in flames. The two kids broke the bottle of the cocktail.