Written by Jacob Fitch

Everyday I wake up covered in a cold sweat, the face of a monster still freshly haunting the inner compartments of my mind, his name? Ajit Pai, a former Verizon lawyer. When you think corrupt overlords you may think of people like, Hitler, Stalin, and Kite Man, all corrupt vile beings, but I can’t think of someone more vile than Ajit Pai, the man behind the fight to “free the internet” or as others call it “free the ISPs”.


How does one explain his desires to completely strip the internet of any guidelines it has and proceed to repurpose those guidelines to make companies like Comcast some extra dimes, as if they didn’t already have ripped wallets from all of the people they’ve bled for money? Comcast has already shown they don’t care about the guidelines by breaking them multiple times. Despite how many times they break these rules they never receive punishment. The things they’ve done includes, Throttling multiple sites like netflix, League of Legends, and throttling their own customers according to multiple customers on reddit.


As if bleeding your customers for pennies like a stuffed pig wasn’t enough, they’ve gotta choose what we want for us. Multiple times on record they’ve said customers “Don’t want faster speeds,”  They’ve said it so many times at this point I’m actually starting to believe that they believe what they’re saying. Not to mention their poor technician work, and general lack of knowledge of the hardware they hand out to people. Their pricing system is also very expensive for some of the worst internet service on this planet earth, coming in at 17th place versus other countries as reported by Xconomy.


How can Ajit Pai not see that a company like Comcast should have no right to control the entire Internet and what others can access? Comcast also shouldn’t have the right to hold any company they want ransom like they did with Netflix and Riot Games. When it comes to ISP’s you might just be better off going for something more local to your area, and definitely not CenturyLink according to the 100s of reviews for the company about their reportedly trash customer service


In the end, I hope Ajit Pai resigns from his job for the stupid ideas he’s proposed, and his desire to not be transparent and get things through the house before Americans even have a chance to realize what’s happening. If you’d like to fight the good fight then please comment here to fight the FCC for their obvious lack of care for consumers, Interests, Privacy, and Wellbeing.