By Jackson Jost

Call of Duty Black Ops has launched their fifth DLC pack for Ps4 in the form of Zombies Chronicles containing eight remastered zombie maps from previous Call of Duty titles.  Zombies Chronicles will launch in about a month for PC and Xbox users.  Chronicles has had a very successful launch despite the high price compared to the other DLC packs.  The maps included are Nacht Der Untoten, Verruckt, Shi No Numa, Kino Der Toten, Ascension, Shangri La, Moon, and Origins.  

All eight of these maps have had gobblegum machines added to them as well as all of the weapons changed from the original guns on the map to guns from Black Ops lll.  The addition of gobblegum has been controversial as some people claim that it ruins the challenge that some of these maps originally had.  Treyarch has had massive success with adding easter eggs to their zombies maps as it provides a difficult challenge for even the best players while at the same time it doesn’t have to be completed to play the map, meaning players of lower skill can still enjoy it.  Gobblegum has made these challenging easter eggs that some of these maps provided much easier.  

Despite all of the shortcomings of Chronicles, the pack does do have many good things about it as well.  All of the Chronicles maps have been remastered in a way that improves on the appearance of the original, but also manages to capture the mood and tone of the original maps.  Many of the people who play zombies have started playing more recently and haven’t played many of the older maps being brought back in this pack making it more than worth the thirty dollars.  For those who have already played these maps the remastered visuals and updated gameplay make this pack worth the price.