By Allie Cobb

The International Baccalaureate Digital Arts and Media career program at North Eugene is a new program put in place for students. Mr. Sherman teaches the Digital program and Mrs. Walters teaches a Child Development Career Program.

You’re probably wondering, what is the Digital Arts career program? The Digital arts program is for the students looking to work with things like 3D printers, laser cutters, making buttons for websites, and much more.  “The IB career program is similar to the state’s technical career program but there are extra steps you have to complete.” Mr. Sherman explains.

What are the requirements for the Digital Arts IB Career program? Some requirements include

  • Digital Media Design A and B
  • Basic Design and Fundamentals 1 and 2 (Both get you credit at LCC)
  • A language portfolio
  • A personal and professional skills class

Other requirements are an essay on an ethical dilemma and two IB assessments. “Most students already take two IB assessments: History of Americas and IB Lang and Lit their junior year.”

How would a student start the program? A student typically will talk to the counselor in 9th grade, and set up the classes they will need to complete to graduate with an IB Career Program Certificate.

What skills are learned by the student in the digital arts program? “We focus on three dimensional design using Meshmixer and Blender including 3D printing,”  Mr. Sherman explains. The school also has other things like a vinyl plotter students use to make stickers. Using the vinyl plotter students make stickers for a project decorating vinyl cars to look like taxis or race cars.

Mr. Sherman also disclosed that the school is buying new tools for the program such as a laser cutter. He said students are looking forward to making things such as jigsaw puzzles, refrigerator magnets and stencils with the new equipment next year.