By Jessica Dukes

Woodshop is a wood building class, where you start with wood and make it into a masterpiece. Some of the stuff that we do in the class in messy, but i guess that is a part of working hard and getting stuff done. Doing all of these things are a part of building the projects. Almost everything in the shop, especially the machines, can cut or harm you in some type of way. There are many different types of tools from screwdrivers to chisels. Many of the tools used in the shop are very expensive equipment as well.

In the NEHS Woodshop, the smell of sawdust clogs the air. I would rather be here than anywhere else. The Woodshop is a great place to be. Safety is also an essential part of using the Woodshop. Before you’re even allowed into the lab, you have to take a series of safety tests, after which, you will then be allowed to work in the lab. When in the lab, you must wear safety glasses, and if you are operating with long hair, it must be pulled back into a ponytail. Sometimes you may mess up a project, in which there isn’t anything better to do than try and fix or change projects. It’s all about making a project to the best of your abilities.

A lot of people say “It’s dangerous” or “for men only.” That couldn’t be farther from the truth. I’m a 16 year old girl that loves being in the advanced Woodshop here at NEHS. I very much enjoy working on projects, and the payoff is definitely worth it. As a female at NEHS I get a ton of comments saying, “you can’t be in woods, you’re a girl”, or “can you even do it?” The point of this article is to tell you that through all of this, the Woodshop is not a place where gender is divided. Gender is equal in there. Woodshop may have it’s flaws but overall i think it is one of the best electives that is available at NEHS.