By Felicity Johnson

BANDON, Oregon – 14 year old cheerleader Aurora Genai Sheffel was killed by getting pinned underneath a chunk of driftwood in the surf.


Aurora and two friends and their parents traveled to Bandon, Oregon for the day on March 25, the beginning of spring break. They visited the Bandon Zoo, then went to the South Jetty to spend the rest of their day there.


The three high schoolers were posing and taking photos on the log when the tide shifted the couple thousand pound log, causing two of the girls to lose their balance and jump off. The water hit the log again, causing Aurora to fall face down into the surf. The log rolled across her legs and the two friends attempted to push it off of her, but the water kept rising and the log continued to roll, according to witnesses.


The two girls and bystanders were able to pull Aurora out from underneath the log, which was in about a foot of water by that time.


“They pronounced her dead at the hospital but it was such a horrible impact, it seemed that it was very instantaneous,” Madisyn Lediall said. “She was unconscious, so I don’t think she felt anything.”


Aurora was with two other girls named Abbey Sellars and Madisyn Lediall, along with Madisyn’s parents.


Aurora was a freshman at North Eugene High School and on varsity cheer. She was one of few freshmen in history to have gotten on varsity her first year.


“A lot of news articles say Oregon cheerleader, but she was so much more than that. She was easily the most caring person I have ever met.” Madisyn told the Caledonian. “I watched videos from football season and to basketball season and she had improved so much. I cannot imagine how good she would have gotten if she would have been able to continue.”