Written by Jacob Fitch

This game has mature language, CAUTION ADVISED

Heroes Of The Storm is a multiplayer online battle arena game A.K.A a MOBA, the genre usually follows one method of gameplay, Kill monsters, level up, fight monsters, or people, level up, and buy items to further power up your character. Heroes of the Storm breaks this cycle with its unique gameplay and twist on the formula.


While still going for a top down perspective, and a point and click formula the genre is known for, Heroes of the Storm sets itself apart from the other mobas like League of Legends, and Dota 2 by completely removing items from the game, and having your team level up together. Along with its rather cool way of giving you new abilities called “Talents”, such as giving you two different choices for ultimate abilities, giving you buffs and differences to your current abilities, and giving you quests to give you bigger damage output, for example, “Hit 35 champions with your shurikens.”


Unfortunately for Heroes of the storm, the controls are utter garbage and there is no camera lock option, so for someone like me you quickly lose track of where your mouse and drag the camera off screen. Heroes of the Storm is also surprisingly lacking in its choices for camera options, only choices being a option to disable right click functionality for the map, which has saved my skin a few times, but regardless, a game by a super large company like Blizzard Entertainment should have more options than that.


A lot of the time Blizzard holds promotional events for Heroes of the Storm, such as promoting it through their new hit IP Overwatch by enticing players of Overwatch to Heroes of the Storm by promising character skins and prizes in Overwatch. Albeit a little dumb, it is a smart business practice on Blizzard’s part.


Heroes of the Storm is the most fun MOBA i’ve played to this date, but what flaws Heroes of the Storm does have, are really large flaws. The controls are not one-hundred percent on par with other games in the genre, while having great customization options a lot of the options are rather half assed, a lot of the skins if not ripped from other blizzard games are rather poor in the graphics department, ironically it can sometimes take five minutes to find a single “Quick Match” , because of the game’s dying fan base, the game also suffers from a issue the other competitive games from Blizzard seem to have, poor matchmaking, at Level 1 you will no doubt be matched up with someone who is at least in the Level 20-100 range for no good reason, overwatch suffers from this very same problem.


Through all of the flaws this game possesses, the game surprisingly, has warmed itself into the cockles of my heart. Heroes of the Storm has a wide array of characters in its possession, and with that comes balancing issues. But don’t be convinced that this game is all flaws, Heroes of the Storm has many good qualities. Heroes of the Storm has many beautiful and fun levels, while gimmicky, they never cease to be nail biting levels of intense when it comes down to the wire, like in the new Hanamura map, you have to push payloads to checkpoints to damage the enemies core, while in another you have to collect a certain number of control points to damage their core, or just outright push all their lanes down to their core. A lot of the characters are also true to their appearances in their respective games, they all have their original moves, and voiced by the same voice actors.


With these new IPs Blizzard now possesses there is tons of potential for new characters, maps, and experiences from games like Overwatch, World of Warcraft, Diablo, and Starcraft. Heroes also vaguely reminds me of another Blizzard game, called Hearthstone, another game that features characters from another Blizzard game.


In the end, I would recommend heroes of the storm to a beginner with MOBAs, the same way I would recommend Mario to a beginner with platformer games.