By Matthew Merritt

I went and talked to Herbert Sanders, the new North Eugene High School Custodian. I asked him (14) questions. Herbi was hired in October of 2016.

Q 1.) Where did you grow up?


  • “Palmdale, California.”



Q 2.) What did you do before you worked at North Eugene?


  • “I worked for a local company”.



Q 3.) What made you want to work at North?


  • “I went to school to become a diesel technician, that fell through , but I had many years of Custodial experience. My wife met June and she mentioned  that they were looking for a daytime Custodian.”


Q 4.) What are some easy things you do?


  • The answer he gave me was most of what I do is not hard but I clean the front office and dump trash.


Q 5.) What are some hard things you do?


  • “Some days are busy you have to keep up at a fast pace. Sometime you have to clean up stuff you might not want to.”



Q6.) What are some everyday things you do?


  • “Clean front office and the cafeteria after lunch.



Q 7.) What are some once in awhile tasks you perform?


  • “change light bulbs, clean up spills,move furniture around.”


Q8.)If you could change one thing in your job what would it be and why?


  • “I would change people’s attitude towards what I do and they should understand it is a important job.”


Q10.)What is the craziest thing you have seen?


  • “I found that someone took a dump on the floor and once someone wrote on the wall in blood.”


Q11.)What hours do you work?


  • “6:00AM to 2:30PM”



Q12.)How long will you work for North or 4j?


  • “Till I retire I will stay with 4j. I have no intent of leaving North, I will just have to see what opportunities come up.”