By Luke Babcock

In the sports world, concussions and head injuries are a huge problem.  It’s become such a huge problem, it’s even caused some students to not want to play sports. Cecelia Yvanez, a senior, quit softball sophomore year because “The risk of a concussion that can potentially affect my brain for life, is not worth playing softball.” My future life is more important”. For some students, the enjoyment or love of sports is not worth the risk of a concussion. They take the safe route.

Other students think the risk is worth it, or just think that a concussion really isn’t a risk to them. Isaac Melick, a senior, is a multi sport athlete. A tennis, water polo, and basketball player. He has sustained two concussions, both in basketball. “Freshman year A teammate and I were fighting for the ball, and my head hit the wall. It was a basic concussion, but i didn’t feel any effect. It held me out of basketball for a bit though.” His second concussion came senior year, at a practice. “My second concussion was at practice, and I took an elbow to the head. I didn’t realize for a week that it was a concussion when the symptoms came.” This concussion was worse, it ended his senior season of basketball. The effects were bad this time. “It made school even more of a challenge, I struggled in a lot of my classes, my concussion really bothered me.” When asked about whether he considered quitting sports, he came with the simple answer “The love of sports outweighs concussions, injuries are just a part of sports.”

Concussions can have anywhere from little, to a lot of effect. They can cause long term issues, or no issues at all. But, you can tell we are missing out on athletes at North Eugene high school because of the fear of head injuries and concussions. The concern of sports and head injuries depends on the athlete.