By Juan Guerrero

What are the Pros and cons of a Snapchat streak?

There is no accurate source out there that points out when exactly the Snapchat streak creation started. With technology surrounding our daily lives, this seems to be one of the most common subjects talked about. Snapchat’s streak update gives the users the challenge to see who can have the longest daily interaction using the app. The users would have to at least snap a photo and send it to their friend or loved one once a day to keep the streak number increasing. This challenge can obviously be time-consuming, but toward modern day socializing has this creative idea been beneficial? or crucial?


When senior, Chris Andresen, was asked about the pros of this Snapchat activity his response was, “Literally nothing… Well actually you get the little fire logo on the side of your number. Also I guess you can say that it does give you good motivation to talk to people more.”  As we can see Chris seems to be part of the group of people who seek to have a symbol of an achievement. Snapchat executes that strategy with a successful eye-popping illustrative design of the fire logo. Others would simply agree that their motivation is to be constantly updated about their friend’s daily lives. “I think the basic benefit of streaks is that it keeps you in touch with your friends. That’s the basic benefit. It involves your friends into your daily routine.” – Emerald Ayers, Senior. Emerald also touched on the idea of how a streak can not just make things interactive or fun but how they can be competitive and awkward as well. “If your relationship changes and you don’t talk to that person anymore, you would still feel obligated to talk to that person and to keep the streak going. That is the main awkward con for me. Also, it can also be pretty competitive because you would compare your own streaks to others and notice  that they have a moderately long streak which kind of shows off that their friendship with the person is higher value.”


Is it normal that an app can have this power to have people determine the value of their friendships? There have been many cases when losing a streak impacts a friendship or relationship. So when is it most beneficial? Another Snapchat enthusiast, Haley Breedlove explains how she thinks Snapchat streaks can be most beneficial, “It really works if you have a long distance friendship. My best friend lives in Salem and it’s a way to keep connecting and see how she is doing. I think it’s a wonderful idea.”
Snapchat streaks can be a tool for those to value their friendships, but that is not necessarily it’s purpose. This idea just gives another option to its users to keep in contact with their friends or loved ones. Although it can be frustrating for those who have kept a streak that was over 100 then lose it, is it right to let something like that execute the relationship you have with that person? That seems to be the main issue with this concept. In the end, if people let an optional activity in an app destroy a connection with another then there wasn’t really an actual friendship/relationship, to begin with.