By Jessica Dukes

The school system is a system that a school uses to cope with things like, GPAs and grades to social issues and problems with peers and drama. Many people have different views and I intend to answer the following question “Is the school system effective to students?” To many people the school system is just a set of rules that everyone follows to make everyone’s life easier. I am here to tell that isn’t the case. Many people would disagree with many things from the system, that people rule as unfair or not effective. From test scores to situations ruled out in stress. These problems that the system has is not always the way to go.


A student at NEHS let me interview them and, I asked a few simple questions. She says to me “I feel as if the system is good, but can be messed up, and isn’t that effective.” For them there is a lot of problems with the school system mainly dealing with drama, and consequences following the actions of other peers. Drama is one of the things they would like to change if they could, “Schools won’t always deal with drama the way they should” said the student, “they have a talk with everyone involved and tell you it is solved.” In the end, finding out the drama isn’t solved. “The way schools deal with drama stresses the students out more than drama actually should.” According to these students they think that drama is one of the sore spots in the system.


I interviewed another student named Jacob Fitch. Who has a significant opinion on tests and passing in schools. He thinks that the grading system is “fairly strange.’ He thinks it puts a “struggle onto kids and parents to get higher grades than actually learning in the long run.” He also thinks it shouldn’t be about “not passing or passing, it should be about learning.”  He believes that everyone is “different in their own ways of learning, people that has always had a 4.0 GPA and gets A’s on everything and other students are having trouble just passing in school.”If he could change one thing he would change “the amount of homework students get, less rigorous testing, and teachers that intend to teach their subject.”


Many people have different views, and opinions about the school system. For some people the school system of NEHS has a problem in dealing in situations and issues, others the problems center more on homework in classes and testing.