North Eugene adds 3 new IB art classes for 2017

By Juan Guerrero

Many of the north students this year have discussed the issue on how they couldn’t have the opportunity to go full IB without the art classes. IB film studies was taken down this year and IB music was on a pause due to a well know band teacher retiring. Next year, the opportunity to start the path for a student to go full IB is coming back. North Eugene adds IB music, art, and theatre. The information that we can get from these classes are limited but getting an insight from the teachers and students is still possible.


Anne Dorsey, Art Teacher

“I think it’ll attract a student that is more serious about challenging themselves more creatively. It would really expand the depth and brand of their artwork. It would definitely be helpful to those trying to pursue a career in art.”

“I think it’s actually exciting because I would get to learn with the students. The challenge is to prepare myself over the summer to make sure I’m gonna be teaching to the standards and at the same time make sure that the class would remain interesting for the students as well.”


Aaron Thomas, Language Arts Teacher

“It means I get to teach a class that I’m passionate about in a subject area I haven’t had the ability to do so.”


“Yeah, sure. I’m concerned that full IB students would enroll in the class not for the purpose of their passion but to just fill up their elective requirements.”


Travis Sheaffer

“These are really good classes for our students because they give them an opportunity to achieve advanced instruction in music, arts, and film. I think that it also allows our programs to kind of expand and grow even more because we can keep more kids if we have a, say, the IB music elective. It allows them to keep their performing ensembles as part of their schedule which is good for all of us and including me as a director. Overall they’re just nice for the opportunity for the students to have an advanced class, an advanced track for their arts education and also for our programs in general to have an elective that’s aligned with our performing ensembles.”


“That’s a great question and yes. As any teacher would, it takes a great deal of preparation and research and curriculum design prior to teaching the class. It is something, it’s a challenge, but I look at it as something that I’m qualified to do. I have the background for these things so it helps knowing that I have the training to do these classes, but yeah it’s a challenge, it’s difficult, but it is something that I’m eager to do.”


Matthew Jewell

“I would definitely take IB Theatre. I haven’t taken that, and I want my future to be taken into the film industry.”


“I hope to get something to fill in my schedule. I expect to learn the deeper process of acting, filming and directing. I hope this class would also put me on the path towards the career I want to pursue.”


Randee Thompson, 12th Grader

“I would take the IB art class. The reason why is because art is an expansive practice. You’re always learning. It’s not a definite process. You’re always recreating the art and passing it on to other classmates.”


“Salty. Really, really, salty and bitter about it.”

Questions for Seniors



  • Which class would you have taken and why?




  • How do you feel about not being able to experience these classes next year?



Questions for Juniors



  • Which of these classes would you take and why?




  • What do you hope to get out of these classes?



Questions for Teachers



  • What does it mean to you as a teacher for these art classes to be put into the IB spectrum?




  • Do you have any concerns into teaching these classes for the first time?