By Jackson Jost

For the first time since 1939 the Oregon Ducks have secured a spot in the Final Four of the NCAA tournament. The Ducks team could not have looked more happy than they did after beating Kansas in the Elite Eight knowing that they would be facing North Carolina in the Final Four. When asked how he reacted to hearing that the Ducks had made it to the Final Four Jacob Rogers, an avid Duck fan, said, “I was astonished. I never once thought this season the Ducks would have done that good.”

The Ducks ended their historic tournament run when they lost 76-77 to North Carolina following two defensive rebounds. Duck fans everywhere were shocked by the way the game ended. David Jost, a long time Duck fan, said, “I didn’t know if we were going to win or lose that game, but I thought we were going to get one final shot to win and we didn’t.”

When looking back on their season we can only come to one conclusion. The Ducks performed phenomenally. Many people thought that the Ducks could have won the whole tournament had things just gone a little differently. People were disappointed when they were knocked out of the tournament, but the significance of reaching the Final Four cannot be understated. Jacob Rogers said, “The significance of the Ducks reaching the Final Four is immense. The popularity of their basketball team went through the roof…the hype of the Oregon Ducks will help prolong their amazing seasons.”

When we look at the future of the Ducks after their season many have big hopes and high expectations. Dana Altman, the coach of Oregon, has turned the Ducks program into an elite one. Next season the Ducks will be without Dillion Brooks, the Pac-12 player of the year, and Tyler Dorsey or as you may know him Mr. March. The Ducks are also losing Benson and Enis for next year. However the recruiting for next season is going very well for the Ducks. They already have highly rated recruits lined up for next year in Troy Brown Jr. and Victor Bailey Jr. who are both excited to join the team. The future for the Ducks is promising and I am certain everybody is wondering where they will go next.