By Cole Lindbo

With the new Presidential election in America, President Trump announced the reopening of foreign black sites. These black sites would give the U.S. military the ability to use torture in war. The question that comes about is should they be able to torture enemies, and are methods that don’t leave permanent body damage considered torture?

North Eugene student, Samantha Donovan, says “They should not be able to torture,” but only in extreme cases of interrogation.  “Yes waterboarding is torture. Making a person have the feeling of drowning is torture.”

Eugene resident,Tonja Lindbo, believed that torture shouldn’t be used and that there is another way to resolve things. Even in extreme conditions there should be no reason to torture someone. Anything that does any sort of damage to the body even if it’s not permanent damage it’s still damage.

In conclusion the U.S military should not be allowed to use torture in any circumstances in war. The black sites should remain closed and not to be open for any reason. They should only use interrogation without torture involved.