By Hailey Kinkade

Feb. 14 North Eugene vs. Springfield Millers. Heat racing, shoes squeaking, flat pom poms. You can tell the season was good because my pom poms were getting silver tips. Ponytail so tight it looks like I got a facelift at 15.

Buzzer rings, it off. North Eugene Highlanders against The Springfield Millers. We always start it off with “let’s get fired up.” The crow so loud even though we are zero and 24. North Eugene Cheer supports all girls and boys sports at North.

This is the last game of our season cheering 11 months on, one month off, that one month feels like forever. This is the last time I’ll get to cheer and compete with some of these girls. They are like family to me. They see me in blood sweat and tears. At my highest and my lowest. I know no matter what I can always count on them. This is probably one of the most emotional last games I’ll have in my life, also one i’ll never forget.

Rebecca Cirkhet: “North eugene Cheer has a new tradition from now on, every last game we all wear missed match comp bows.” The whole team was so happy about this because all season it’s all about conformity and all looking the same and this gave us a chance to be different.