By Cole Lindbo

On March 16, 2017 North Korea launch a missile over the Sea of Japan. A day later North Korea announced that their goal was to hit a U.S military base stationed in Japan. So the question that comes about is what was the purpose of the missile launch?

North Eugene High School, Senior Alex Dupree, believes that it was a failed attempt to hit a U.S base. He says “It is to fake the U.S out so that we don’t fight.” He believes that the North Koreans don’t want to start a war with the U.S because they know they will not win.

North Eugene High School Senior, Triston Monia, thinks they launched the missile to show how strong they are as a country.” The launch was to boost their confidence and to build their strength as a whole.” He believes that the missile couldn’t make it all the way across the Japanese sea.

North Eugene High School Junior, Ashley Prock, says “It’s a threat that they will start a war.” She believes it was done to scare the U.S. She thinks that missile could only reach the halfway point across the Japan sea.

In conclusion, North Korea’s missile launch was used as a way to start a controversy to gain publicity. Most people believe that they aren’t going to do anything more but to just to try to scare people.