By Gordon Strome

My cousin’s stereo buttons in her car stopped working and she can’t drive without music. She was very mad about her stereo breaking. She wanted to put a nicer stereo in her car that has an aux cord, bluetooth connection and have some subs. She did not have enough money to pay for somebody to install it all for her. She wanted to learn how to do it herself so she could save some money and maybe later down the road help somebody else install their stereo into their car.

Tools Needed:

Couple Screwdrivers


Wire Strippers

Wire Connectors 22-18 Gauge

Step 1: Spread out all the parts

Get the deck, dash kit, wiring harness for your vehicle. If installing a sub get your sub, amp and sub box all together.

Step 2: Remove dash

Remove all the dash panels around the stock stereo, so that you can get to the stereo mounting bolts. Most vehicles you will have to unhook the heater controls and hazard lights and the dash clock.

Step 3: Remove stereo

Remove the 4 bolts holding the stereo in. Once the deck is unbolted unhook the wire harness coming out the deck. Also pull out the AM/FM wire.

Step 4: Prepare new wiring harness

Crimp (crushing connector onto the wires) all the fitting on to the end of each wire coming out of the new wire harness.

Step 5: Connect Wires

Crimp the wires from the car’s wiring harness to the decks wiring harness using the aftermarket deck wiring harness you bought specifically for your car. If wiring a sub splice an extra wire into the blue wire that is long enough to run all the way to your sub.

Wire Color Meanings:

Red: Constant 12 volt power

Yellow: Ignition

Black: Ground

Blue: Remote wire

White: Left front speaker

White with Black: Left front speaker ground

Grey: Right front speaker

Grey with Black: Right front speaker ground

Green: Left rear speaker

Green with Black: Left rear speaker ground

Purple: Right rear speaker

Purple with Black: Right rear speaker ground

Orange (Optional): Illumination/Dash Lights

Step 6 (Optional): If wiring a sub in run the RCA cables to deck

Run the RCA Cables to your new aftermarket deck. Put the RCA’s into the rear or subwoofer ports on the back of the deck. Red into red and white into white.

Step 7: Install Dash Kit

Install the new dash kit into hole where the old deck came out of. Screw it down tight.

Step 8: Install Deck

Check to make sure all the wires are connected. Then push the deck into the dash kit. Once it is pushed all the way in pop on the front cover of the deck.

Step 9: Reinstall the Dash

Put the dash trim back on the same way you took it off. Make sure to reconnect all the wires for the heater and clock.

Step 10 (Optional): Run power wire

Run a wire that is 8 gauge or bigger from the battery through the firewall and under the carpet all the way to where the amp will be mounted.

Step 11 (Optional): Run RCA’s and Remote wire

Run the RCA’s and remote wire along the power wire all the way to the amp.

Step 12 (Optional): Ground Amp

Sand a spot down to bare metal by where sub will be mounted. Once sanded clean take the ground wire and screw it down using self tapping screws to the spot you sanded. Once ground is firmly screwed down, put the other end of the ground cable into your negativ. Or ground. Slot on your amp.

Step 13 (Optional): Hook up amp

Hook the wire coming from the battery into the Pos. spot on your amp. The take the blue wire coming from your deck into the Rem. spot in your amp. Then hook up the RCA’s into the rear output on the amp. Make sure the amp is ground before you plug in the RCA’s because if not it will back feed them and pop the RCA ports in the back of your new deck.

Step 14 (Optional): Hook up sub

Get some speaker wire around 12 gauge. Take the wire and plug it into the output on your amp. Once those are connected, connect the other end of the wires into the sub. Make sure you have the positive out of the amp go into the positive of the sub.