By Hailey Kinkade


9:43 People from all 4j schools gathered for a dance on February 10th. Ally Jessing and I walked in, she leaned over and said to me, “Now the party can start because we just showed up.” The blue-inked admission stamp hearts on our right hands stayed for days. Males with dreadlocks wearing tie-dye and baggy clothes were rapping about their emotions on the dance floor.

“Hey Aj!” I said.“ Looks like they’re pulled out of downtown Eugene.”

30 minutes passed. The “professional DJ,” Cory Nicholson, promised North Eugene was a blow. People all around started shouting:

“BOO!” said Jeff Flores.

“Get off the stage!” said Haylee Walker.

“This music sucks!” said Aurora Sheffel.

“This is lame, let’s get out of here.” said Brandon Brazil.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, Ashley Myer ran onstage, took the aux cord, and plugged in the best party music. Instantly everyone who had been sitting because of the horrible music began dancing. We all began to dance.

Personally, I could say that, even though school boundaries keep us apart, everyone was in unity that night. Music has the power to bring us together.

At the end of the night, Isaiah Sefo said, “this is not only Black History month. This is colored history month! So all my brothers and sisters come get in this picture!”