By Cole Lindbo

Walter Cronkite born November 4, 1916, helped to start the CBS evening news in 1942, until his retirement in 1981. Walter was mostly known for being the news anchor on CBS for 19 years.

Walter Cronkite was a television news broadcaster. I read one of his broadcast that he read during the assassination of president John F. Kennedy. I found it interesting that even though during this event they didn’t stop the broadcast, but instead kept the broadcast going through this devastating time in American history.

While Walter Cronkite was a newscaster, there was a big controversy with the fact if Cronkite is actually trustworthy. In the 80’s the Phillips-Sindlinger organization conducted a nationwide survey on Walter Cronkite, he ended up winning the “best-known” award and came fourth in the “best-liked” category. Mr. Cronkite ended up retiring in 1982, there is some speculation on why he retired, some people say he was pushed away, but was not confirmed on why.

Walter Cronkite was an important journalist because he was one of the most well known journalists of his time, many people looked up to him and he created this whole new sector to the news that we can now thank him for giving us the evening news.